Eligibility/Application Process

Applications are no longer being accepted for the Training Institute

Eligibility Requirements and Selection Criteria for Training Institute Fellows

  • Applicants must have a doctoral degree (e.g., Ph.D., Psy.D., Ed.D.) and experience in conducting research relevant to education.
  • Applicants must be citizens or non-citizen nationals of the United States, or must have been lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence (i.e., possess a currently valid Alien Registration Receipt Card I-551, or other legal verification of such status).
  • Preference will be given to individuals who (a) have demonstrated their ability to conduct independent intervention research, (b) are currently employed in a setting in which conducting research relevant to education is part of their regular responsibilities, (c) are employed in a setting where teaching single-case methods is part of their responsibilities, and (d) can demonstrate that they have a need for the knowledge and skills addressed in the Training Institute. Each application will be evaluated on its own merits. If more than 35 meritorious applications are received, other criteria such as disciplinary, geographical, and institutional diversity will be taken into account.
  • Applicants must have familiarity with basic statistical methods and must be experienced in using personal computers and statistical computer packages. The Training Institute will include “hands on” data-analysis sessions. Some experience with SPSS (or other statistical software) procedures, including conducting graphical and standard statistical analyses (e.g., frequency and scatter diagrams, cross-tabulations, analysis of variance, regression analyses), is expected.

Women, minorities, and individuals with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply.

Both junior and senior researchers who would benefit from the knowledge and skills addressed in the Summer Training Institute are encouraged to apply, although because of space limitations, preference will be given to the former.

If selected for participation in the Summer Training Institute, individuals who require reasonable accommodations for disabilities should contact Andrea Popp (andrea.popp@nccsite.com) at 703-243-9696 X154

Costs and Stipends

The University of Oregon will pay the cost for attendees’ tuition and course materials, and for lodging.  Accepted attendees will be responsible for their own travel and food costs.

Application Procedures

The Summer Training Institute will be offered June 18 – 22, 2019.  Individuals interested in attending the Summer Training Institute need to submit the following materials:

  1. A copy of the applicant’s curriculum vitae. The curriculum vitae must include information on the applicant’s:
    1. Title/position at the institution or organization
    2. Current and past teaching assignments relevant to single-case research
    3. Academic/professional degree
    4. Citizenship status (citizen or permanent resident)
    5. Currently funded research grants and the sources of funding
  2. A 2- to 3-page personal statement describing the applicant’s:
    1. Current and planned intervention research projects.
    2. Previous statistical training and familiarity with statistical packages (e.g., SPSS).
    3. How the workshop is likely to influence the applicant’s future research (e.g., if the applicant has experience with group designs, describe how single-case intervention research skills will strengthen the applicant’s program of research or if the applicant currently has experience in single-case research describe how additional training will benefit the applicant’s research).

Requirement: The personal statement is limited to 3 single-spaced pages in 12-point font and must be attached as a MS Word document or as a PDF file.